Judith Craig, BSW, RSW is a transracial, transnational, foundling adoptee from Haiti, adopted into a white Canadian family in the early 1980’s. Despite growing up in a loving family Judith always desired to know more about her roots and wanted to find her birth family. She returned to Haiti in 2007 and embarked on this incredible life-changing journey. She documented this experience in the film Adopted ID. It took a further 10 years and scientific advancements for Judith to amazingly find her biological family. She is presently completing her memoir on her adoption, search and reunion.

Judith is a registered Social Worker specializing in Fostering&Adoption. Over the past 13 year’s Judith’s professional experiences have reflected a diverse portfolio. She has worked in child welfare, fostering, private adoption, developed/facilitated workshops for adoptive parents and professionals and has been invited to be a panellist and keynote speaker at numerous events focused on adoption. Judith facilitates The Adult Adoptee Network (www.facebook.com/adultadopteenetwork) a safe space for adult adoptees to share their experiences, allow their voices to be heard and honour their journeys.

Judith’s mission is to share her personal experiences and professional knowledge to assist fellow adoptees, their parent’s and professionals as they navigate the journey of adoption. Judith is a passionate international speaker and author who has been featured in a variety of print, radio and television media outlets.  Judith is available for training/workshops, speaking engagements and screenings.