Areas of Specialization

Family Relationships


Adoption & permanency (foster Care)


Grief & Loss


Ways to work together

Speaking and keynotes

Dynamic and thought-provoking addresses motivate audiences to transform their lives.


Workshops are grounded in an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, intersectional framework exploring various themes which impact families.


Trauma-informed strategies are used to guide clients in their healing transformations, individual and family sessions.


A wide range of adoption-related content is assessed and reviewed for professionals, the media, and child welfare agencies.


Coaching Practical tools and insights are provided to adoptive and permanency families at various stages of their journeys.



The film Adopted ID tells the story of Judith Alexis Craig’s extraordinary journey. Abandoned at birth, she courageously returns to Haiti in search of her birth parents. As Judith seeks to unravel the mystery of her past, disparate worlds collide, from families struggling socially and economically to foreign families seeking to adopt. These intersecting lives are set against the sights and sounds of pre-earthquake Haiti, revealing a rare and intimate view of transracial adoption.


Adopted ID was filmed and directed by Sonia Godding Togobo


Adopted ID is suitable for private screenings at a range of events such as film festivals, adoption agencies, adoption support groups, adoption camps, educational establishments and cultural events.



In “Adoption Dialog,” we explore the lifelong adoption journey’s joys, challenges, and complexities. Adoption encompasses a range of issues, involving the adopted person, their original or birth parents, and their adoptive parents.


A live show hosted by Judith, an adopted person, and Auntie Sally, an adoptive mother, each month features guests who share their adoption journey from a personal and professional perspective.

Adult Adoptee Network

The Adult Adoptee Network of Ontario is based in Ontario, Canada. Founded in January 2018, it is a network of adult adoptees (only) who meet monthly to co-create a space where we connect to share our experiences and journeys and build relationships with fellow adopted people. Sessions occur online on the last Wednesday of the month.  

Please email We encourage you to participate in our online community, sharing posts, stories, and links to ‘all things adopted.’

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